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Seven surefire ways of holding China in check
   Whatever stance Beijing takes regarding Taiwan, the US has at least seven courses of action to hold China's actions in check, according to a political analyst By Cao Chang-Ching 曹長青 The Taipei Times Saturday, March 11th, 2000 No matter how Chi ...閱讀
Speaking the language of power
   Looking at its actual military threat and China's record in dealing with its weaker neighbors, acclaimed writer Cao Chang-ching sees any subservience to China's bullying as detrimental to Taiwan's interests By Cao Chang-Ching 曹長青 The Taipei Times ...閱讀
The Cold War is just beginning for China
   THE TAIPEI TIMES Thursday, January 20th, 2000 Considering Taiwan and the US its two major enemies after the cold war, China has sent a huge number of intelligence agents to the two countries to collect all kinds of information from nuclear nuances to ...閱讀
   朋友傳來一篇香港《明報》創辦人、通俗武俠小說作者金庸(查良鏞)在浙江大學關於新聞的講話(見《動向》一、二月合刊號)。生活在已經進入21世紀的今天,讀到這種奇文,那種恍如隔世之感實在是太強烈了。 雖然金庸的講話通篇毫無邏輯,且一半以上和新聞毫無關係,但有一個 ...閱讀
China forces the 17th Karmapa out
   By Cao Chang-Ching 曹長青 The Taipei Times Tuesday, January 11th, 2000 The escape of the 17th Karmapa, the 14-year-old Urgyen Trinley Dorje, from Tibet to India has certainly embarrassed Beijing a great deal, for he was not only the highest Living ...閱讀
For China, a century of stagnant thinking
   Chinese intellectuals have often praised Western concepts such as democracy, but their failure to understand the basis of such ideas has led to impotent failure By Cao Chang-Ching The Taipei Times Jan.1, 2000 Most countries in the world have become ...閱讀
   進入二月,美國經濟就達107個月持續發展,創造了建國二百年來從沒有過的記錄。而軍事上,美國的超強地位舉世公認,從「沙漠風暴」戰役到科索沃戰爭,無往不勝。 到底是什麼力量使美國成為全球唯一的超級強國?表面看,是繁榮的經濟,和強大軍力,但實際上,支撐它的是一種 ...閱讀
   台灣總統大選在即,雖有人擔心解放軍採取威脅行動,但美國的很多「中國問題專家」都傾向於認為,中共可能會從四年前在台海舉行飛彈演習的負面效果中吸取教訓;而且解放軍真的在台海盲動,美國方面仍會像上次一樣,援引「台灣關係法」進行軍事遏制。 1979年美國國會通過的「 ...閱讀
   當中國人邁進21世紀的時刻,帶著希望,更帶著惆悵,因為從辛亥革命至今,無數仁人志士探索、追求了一百年,最後中國仍是專制社會,而且在思想控制上比百年前的清王朝更嚴酷。 如此現狀,是任何知識人都不願意看到的,但卻恰恰又是知識人錯誤導向的結果。這一點從中國近代出 ...閱讀
Chinese literature faces a century of failure
   Lu Xun once said: "I think there is nobody truly deserving the Nobel Prize in China. It would be better for Sweden to ignore us. It would only encourage Chinese egotism, causing them to believe they could really parallel those great foreign writers if yell ...閱讀
Taking the air out of US fantasies about China
   China experts in the US have long fantasized about China, often in a naive and romantic way. The reality is much more telling and instructive, according to a seasoned China watcher in New York By Cao Chang-Ching 曹長青 The Taipei Times Wednesday, Nov ...閱讀
   世界大戰籠罩、共產主義瘟疫彌漫的血腥的20世紀就要結束了。當全世界大多數國家都高舉民主的選票要邁進21世紀的時刻,中國,這個人口最眾多的國家,這個當年亞洲的第一個共和國,竟和本世紀開始的時候一樣,仍是獨裁專制的國家。 一百年來,中國知識份子在吶喊、奮斗中苦苦 ...閱讀
   從名報人邵飄萍因報導新聞被北洋軍閥殺害,到儲安平在文革中被鬥失蹤,再到倍受中共摧殘的徐鑄成淒然而逝,中國的報人們過去百年追求新聞自由的歷史,可謂充滿血和淚。 追求,吶喊,奮鬥,一百年過去了,今天中國不僅仍無新聞自由,而且比當年腐敗的清王朝控制得更嚴厲—— ...閱讀
   今年的「諾貝爾文學獎」頒給了德國作家葛拉斯,它標志著諾貝爾獎設立的這頭一個百年,中國作家整個缺席。 中國人有13億,佔全球人口五分之一強。而且中國號稱文化大國,熱愛文學並從事寫作的人數恐怕也是全球之首,畢竟人口基數巨大。而且中國大陸的文學期刊之多,也是全球 ...閱讀
When dragons fight with wolves (Part seven of seven)
   By Cao Chang-Ching 曹長青 The Taipei Times Sunday, October 17th, 1999 During a severe famine brought on by Mao's Great Leap Forward, a large number of Uighurs starved to death. When they protested against the policy that brought about the lack of foo ...閱讀
Vestiges of colonialism in East Turkestan (Part six of seven)
   By Cao Chang-Ching 曹長青 The Taipei Times Saturday, October 16th, 1999 When a New York Times editor visited Xinjiang in 1995, he was taken aback by the way in which Beijing runs the province, noting: `In Xinjiang, the ethos of colonialism past surviv ...閱讀
Three alls: “eat all, rob all and distribute all”(Part five of seven)
   By Cao Chang-Ching 曹長青 The Taipei Times October 15th, 1999 Twenty of the 25 poorest counties in China are in Xinjiang. Corruption is so rampant that even overseas aid can get whittled down to virtually nothing after the `experts' and bureaucrats ar ...閱讀
   新疆雖然稱為“自治區”,但事實上完全由漢人統治。雖然「自治區政府」主席是維族人,但他的級別和自治區其他五個機構的領導人——「人大」主任;「政協」主席;紀檢會主任;新疆軍區司令;生產建設兵團司令——是一樣的。這六個部門的領導人都是「中國共產黨新疆自治區委員會 ...閱讀
Between the abortion knife and nuclear testing (Part four of seven)
   By Cao Chang-Ching 曹長青 The Taipei Times October 14th, 1999 Xinjiang is an autonomous region; it in fact is entirely ruled by the Han Chinese. Although the Chairman of the Autonomous Region Government is an Uighur, his rank is no higher than that of ...閱讀
   在中國政府的報告和官方媒體上,新疆人被描述成和漢人關係和睦,過著幸福的生活。“但實際情況正好相反,由於大量中國人被移入東土,民族矛盾空前激烈。”“突厥世界研究基金會”主席土爾漢.亞茲干博士(Turan Yazgan)在伊斯坦布爾他的辦公室裡說,“所謂自治區只是紙上的東 ...閱讀

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